Custom Development

Custom Development

LS-Apps offers a custom development capability that is tailed to unique business needs. Combining our assets, skills, alliances and end-to-end delivery, custom development accelerates competitive advantage and helps organizations achieve high performance.

LS-Apps’s custom development encompasses hybrid solution and large scale integrations which includes Integration with third Party Applications, .NET technologies


Maintaining your business is unique. Off-the-shelf IT solutions and pre-packaged software might not suit your business and technology goals. Although you have the option of modifying your business to work around the software, it isn’t always possible or desirable to do so. IT solutions should conform to your business, not the other way around.

Customizing prepackaged solutions or developing applications from scratch may better provide the functionality your business requires, but development work is fraught with its own challenges. Often, it necessitates venturing into new technologies, and you may be limited by the bandwidth of in-house staff. To further complicate the process, you may need to integrate your new systems with other key internal and customer-facing applications and/or migrate critical legacy data.

Employing the seasoned flexibility and deep experience of LS-Apps can ensure you successfully develop and integrate the exact IT solution you need without wasting time and financial resources.

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