The purpose of the Community Directory Mobile App is to get to know each other and to strengthen our mutual relationship and friendship. This will help any community members to become better connected with one another and strengthen the Community.

This Mobile App can be used in any community /Church/Residential Association etc….

  • Using this digital platform, all the church members information is in our fingertip which can help to build a friendship.
  • This digital church directory can give information about the family hierarchy including member’s pictures, so that the new members can get to know about the Parish. Please update your family details using this application, so that the existing members can see them right away.
  •  Everyone likes to be remembered on their Birthday/ Wedding Anniversary. In this, the application gives everyone the opportunity to greet with one another.
  • By using this Mobile App, you can send a message to all (or some) of your members at any time. It can be Prayer Requests / Cottage Meetings/ Announcement/Birth or death information etc as a part of our church life.